Wednesday, May 13, 2009

The Crimson Elf: Italian Tales of Wisdom

Cover painting. Watercolor, 7" x 9".


  1. Hello Tom. Were you an art teacher at Eaglecrest High School?

  2. Hi-
    Yes I was. You must've been there--who are you? I checked out your site. I like your work--you have a varied style and sense of humor!

  3. I attended Eaglecrest from about 1995-98, then I transfered to Douglas County High for a year and a half, where I graduated in 1999. My real name is Juno Muller, some people called me Eric back then too. I believe I was in 2 of your classes, one during my sophomore year, the other at the beginning of my junior year but I don't recall the names of the classes.

    I remember you always telling us that hands must be drawn to show the skeleton and structure, otherwise the fingers will look too round and formless, that always stuck with me. Are you still teaching?

    And thanks for checking out my website, it hasn't been updated in about a year but you get the idea there. That's mainly commercial work, most of which is just graphic design and vector style art. I've recently started painting, once I get a decent series going, I'm going to hit up some lowbrow galleries in LA and NYC. I've been in a couple small shows through the years but I've never really taken a serious go at painting. It's not the best time to attempt a painting career but you only live once, right? :P

  4. I remember you, Juno. sometime email me at

    I'd like to see some of your paintings if you can attach them.


  5. Good deal. I'll send you some pics of what I'm doing as I finish them.

    Sure is nice to hear from ya.


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