Monday, January 31, 2011

Three St. Francis of Assisi Paintings

St. Francis of Assisi set. Mixed media on wood. Each in private collections. They were done in acrylic on top of collage in a wooden tray. In this pic only the center painting has metal leaf, but I've since applied it to all three.

St. Francis of Assisi continues to hold fascination for me as a subject. These three paintings were inspired by a very old print given to me by my Great Grandmother way back in 1978 or so. I'll post a pic of it separately.

Decided to detach from Facebook and other sites for a month in order to carve out time for setting up my online store, updating the Sk3tchbook site, and completing a bunch of paintings in the queue. Hope this exercise in simplification works.


  1. St. Francis was a great guy. And these are wonderful.

  2. Thanks Eli--I am glad you think well of the Man and the pics :)

  3. I love this triptych-like set you created. Really reflects the spirit of St. Francis.


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