Friday, February 18, 2011

Cabinet--really "bookshelves"--of Curiosities

Been looking everywhere for an affordable old cabinet without luck. But as luck would have it, remembered these couple of bookshelves (that I found back when thrift stores were cheap). Terribly greedy for "things", and need them out in my studio where I can pick them up anytime I want.
 Thus, I stacked up the shelves and put a selection on display.  Not a very good editor, so I keep adding, but I'm liking this--vast improvement on drawers full of random items on top of my watercolors, and bone chips sliding under my fingernails when I search for the tube of yellow ochre. I remain a Victorianophile despite the difficulty of maintenance. I'll dust this stuff any day over having to live in a sterile (but easily cleaned) house.
Many of these awesome bits I've had since childhood--the human skull is a model (glow-in-the-dark) I made when I was ten. The rabbit and bird skulls I found in the field; the deer skull discovered on a camping trip with my son. Anything mineral or geology-related was my father's. (Was fortunate, growing up, to have the paragon earth-science teacher.) I continue the hunt for more and more peculiarities. Newest want-list: Owl pellet, one bizarre tintype, old metal bird(s), the trilobites lost somewhere in my parents garage.

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  1. Loving all the stuff you've collected. I'm also in the process of finding furniture with "character", but it's a little disappointing to find so much vintage furniture is ridiculously expensive. Ahh well! Sign of the times :-)


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