Saturday, March 26, 2011

Sant' Antonio Da Padova

Sant' Antonio Da Padova. Oil on panel, 11" x14".  Done probably 8 years ago.  Looking at it compared to the saint works done this past year made me think about why and how artist's styles change. 
Much of the change in my works has come from switching media. I painted these oils while considering myself a watercolorist.  Basically used the same techniques; a brush and ink outline filled in with thin washes of oil paint made transparent with medium. Now, after working for a few years with matte acrylics, and seeing what other artists do, my saint paintings show more brushstroke, seem a bit abstract, and have fewer colors.

A photo of my Great Grandfather's face, taken circa 1900 or so, was the model for this version of St. Anthony.

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