Saturday, April 9, 2011

A little guy figure--Hollerer I

Made a little guy figure--a Hollerer--split him in half, and cast the two halves in plaster. He purposely didn't get much detail, as the freedom to mess with the detail later is what I like.  That way each fellow is different.

Banded the halves together and filled them with porcelain slip. Have to wait and keep topping it off--the level goes down as the moisture in the slip absorbs into the plaster.  The mold in the back is Hollerer II, but haven't photographed him yet.
Once the slip looks thick enough, and seems firm, I can pull apart the mold.  Then, because I usually rush the process, the little guy has to be carefully pried out.  The wait-time varies, because as the mold is re-used it gets a bit more moist and doesn't absorb quite so fast.  I figure I wait about 30-60 minutes depending.
There's a Hollerer I pulled out to soon, and had to let him firm up on foam because he sagged and threatened to collapse when I tried to set him on his feet.
Once he's able to stand, (me too) I can start carving him. You can see I pretty much screwed this figure up from the beginning, as the cut figure didn't quite match up when I first cast him in plaster.  No big deal though.
Started the carving.  It's a cool process--I love the way leather-hard clay feels as the loop tool cuts it away.  It has a bit of a waxy feel.  Next post I'll show the finish sequence and maybe Hollerer II, if I can get organized enough to snap a few more pics.

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