Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Product Label--Fifth step: Adding values (detail)

Just adding darks here in order to model up the features. Wanted to preserve the olive-green so am not using warms or cools yet in the face.  I used several font ideas mixed and matched them, and made up some elements as well. Was still unsure how much white to preserve behind the face, which is based on a clock I made for my classroom years ago.  

I don't love perfect symmetry--I find it boring and bland in most cases.  But I love almost-symmetry.  It's stimulating, because even unconsciously the brain is trying to figure out differences in sides when it may not be apparent to the eye at first viewing..  It causes mild discomfort--much better than tedium.  In this case (and when I can I'll post the whole label) I made the face a bit different on each side. 

Next post: The finished label

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