Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Product Label: Finished version (detail)

Pretty much finished.  The turquoise of the eye appears more blue in this scan, and only a bit of the turquoise that's around the face shows (there really is more). In finishing, I lifted the paint on the closer bits and warms were applied. Kept darkening the deeper parts and then cooled them a bit with layers of the same turquoise.  My white goache (which I usually use for highlights) had turned into some vague jelly-like glop for some reason, so used white matte acrylic instead. Now there's no changing the label.

I'm looking forward to seeing the product all finished and the label stuck to it. I'll post that too, when I can.

As to colors: Sap green mixed with cadmium red for the green; the reds are mostly cadmium and alizarin crimson tweaked with phtalo turquoise, which is a color I've never used before. (I love it, because it's very vivid and strong, but removable when needed, and lightfast). Brown ochre for the wood and bezels--again, it's a color fairly new to me that has a great feel when spread over the paper. It mixes well with other colors, and removes easily. (If you read this, thanks Jakob!) New gamboge (warm but transparent) and lemon were the yellows.


  1. cool! love it! but who's it for? the mystery is driving me crazy!!

  2. Ahh...that's the beauty of mysteries :))

  3. Wow! You’re very talented Tom! I’m sure your client will be very satisfied with your work. It’s so amazingly detailed and the colors are vibrant and attractive. I bet it will get a lot of attention from buyers. I’m looking forward to seeing the label stuck on the product, too. Great job Tom!


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