Friday, June 24, 2011

Old Brass Lighter

I have always found sight drawing tedious. I know it is necessary. But drawing the things inside my head entertains me unfailingly. Drawing objects, not always.

The memory of a high school art teacher setting out dainty teacups and china vases full of flowers for us to draw still irritates. My head (then as now) was full of toothy, bulge-eyed creatures and anthropomorphic birds. (Crabby kid--not exactly a desirable member of the art class.)
But I admire artists who have the patience and skill to interpret what their eyes see.
It is a valuable way to understand the world and add to technical skills, but I find myself so antsy while trying to transcribe something in front of me.

Luckily, once in a great while, I almost enjoy the process, as with these sketches I did of this little brass lighter. Taking the time to record what I see adds to the image library inside my head. This does make it easier to give life to an imaginative work later on. I've been trying to spend a bit of time each day drawing the objects I love. A little more self-discipline might be in order.

I like searching out peculiar old things. Like hand-made artworks, they have a spirit, and breathe life into me. New, mass-produced items do exactly the opposite.

Don't know anything about this lighter--Linda pointed it out for me in a junky antique shop in Seattle--she knew I'd love it. The proportion is very pleasing to me, as is the warm brass. It's an amazing little steampunky object. One of those items that I love way too much.


  1. SARMO!!! Thank you for not being that type of high school art teacher. I don't ever recall you setting out dainty tea cups for us to draw...

  2. You're most welcome, Brian--couldn't have done that to you guys. And none of you would've put up with it in any case :)


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