Monday, June 6, 2011

Owl, Surprized and sketches

Owl, Surprized. Acrylic on canvas, 4" x 12", private collection.
The owl sketch above was done, along with a bunch of others, after dinner one night.  Had gathered a bunch of photos of owls and was looking through them for inspiration, and the sketches were just doodles done with a micron pen.  

The painting sort of fell out of the sketch (and my brain) the next morning.  Did the comfortable green-red-gold-w/turquoise-bits color scheme because I was too lazy that morning and had no desire to tax myself with anything unusual.

The painting is straight matte acrylic on a deep-wrapped canvas.  I painted it direct onto the red-washed surface with a brush and thin black paint.  Unfortunately for me, the expression on the owl puts me in mind of a face that a politician (who will remain unnamed) used to make.  But that was an accident.  I'm sick of politics and I was really sick of that politician.


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