Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Two Birds Singing: New pic sequence

Played around with some layering and also some pretty heavy texture.  Began with a scrap piece of watercolor paper glued to a messed up canvas.  I collaged a bunch of pages (from a disintegrating French book about artists) to the sides of the deep canvas.
Added the text to a few places on the pic itself, and then threw in a bunch of colors from my living room.  At least that was my intent.  I didn't much like the result, esp the magenta reds and the whitish green. Those are not colors in my living room.

Then I gave up on my living room and found another 60's poster.  This one had deep reds and greens and a pretty chartreuse-y background.  Much better. Will post the finished piece next--need to get some close-ups of the texture and the sun went down.

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