Sunday, July 17, 2011

Big Rains

Had a couple weeks of big rains every day. One early morning, after what I thought was the biggest, I went around my neighborhood looking for ideas.  Somehow the flat light at 6 am suited my mood.  The little gulch was washed out and the birds were silent--unusual for that hour.

The Observatory reflected in a lake that was the baseball field.

After so many days of heavy rain, the fungi are rampant. 
This little house on my block is abandoned.  All the water has made the yard around it emerald. It's a beautiful Arts & Crafts cottage.  Like many of the great little houses around here, its days are probably numbered, and it'll get torn down to make way for yet another look-alike, ugly, pretentious trophy-house. I've been photographing it quite a bit lately--my dream would be to make it into a studio. The reality will be just using it in a future painting.   

Next post: the finished painting of Friar Owl.

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