Monday, July 18, 2011

Friar Owl

The hardest part was figuring out how to put an owl in the habit of a monk. I posted a few sketches I did awhile back—here are a few more.  Most of them were less than successful, but it was in my mind to do this, and so I figured it out.

Friar Owl, acrylic in panel, 5" x 5", private collection.  Saint Francis of Assisi liked birds very much.  So do I.  This is not a picture of St. Francis as an owl.  It is a small painting of an owl who is a Franciscan friar.
This was painted with matte acrylics on a hardboard panel.  I painted the panel black, then drew the outline with brush and white acrylic. Many of the numerous layers of paint are peeking through.

I like this sketch better than the finished painting though.


  1. i love the blue reflections on the robe!!

  2. I like the sketch better, too– I like that he is looking at us in the sketch.


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