Thursday, July 21, 2011

Harry Potter Owls for There With Care

Was fortunate and happy to receive a request to do a couple of paintings of Hogwarts owls.  They were commissioned for two of the actors in the Harry Potter movies, as thank you gifts for their continued support of  There With Care ( ) It's an amazing organization that provides practical support for children and families facing critical illness.

As preparation, I drew the six owls above, practiced a bit of watercolor on one, and then picked the two I liked best for the final artworks.

The inspiration for the owls came from this series of sketches I drew on a plane to Seattle a few summers ago. Quite a few paintings have come from those sketches and the one below:

Watercolor works a bit differently on Moleskine paper, but I kind of like it.

This is the finished Slytherin Owl, for Tom Felton, the actor who plays Draco Malfoy.

The finished Gryffindor Owl, for Devon Murray, the actor who plays Seamus Finnegan.

Both owls were done in brush & ink, with watercolor, on Arches 300 lb cold press paper. It was enjoyable work, and I was pleased to be able to do these paintings for a very fine organization.


  1. You are very clever. These are brilliant and I'm sure the actors will treasure them

  2. Thanks ruthyc-I appreciate your comment :)

  3. Wonderful! I love the uniqueness of your style. Good luck to you1


  4. Thanks for the good wishes Diane--I am pleased you like my work!


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