Wednesday, July 27, 2011

The Letter

The Letter, watercolor, 5" x 8". Private collection. The finished Hornbill painting. Well maybe. Will revisit it a few more times before framing. Seems there is always room for a little tweaking.

It doesn't look much different from the last post, except for the curtains and a few details.

I very much value feedback from other artists when I get stuck.  Showed it to Ruth Fiege ( last week and she suggested upping the highlights. She was right of course. A bit of white gouache perked him up.

Am going to begin putting watercolor on the Alice in Wonderland drawings I posted awhile back. Had been doing so many acrylics that I thought the ability to watercolor left me. Got some confidence back with this Hornbill, and am pretty excited to add some color to the Mad Hatter!


  1. This is FAB U LOUS!! I just found your site. Happiness!


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