Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Owl Friars and a Green Glass Owl

Was trying to paint outdoors last week, during some very hot weather, and the paint was drying too fast. To avoid being frustrated, I drew in my sketchbook instead.  These little Owl Friars are continuing a streak of owl art that I've been exploring for the past few years.

Owls in art and design have been pretty ubiquitous over the past few years, maybe due to a renewed interest in the1960's. Then as now, owls were everywhere. (My mom had them all over the house--from owl trivets to owl shaped candle lanterns.) Or maybe the owls in the Harry Potter series re-started the fascination.

My own interest was piqued when I found this fat, green, owl-bookend in a junk store. It was designed in the 60's by Joel Myers--a thick glass slab of an owl that I like very much. Since then, those peculiar and very fun-to-draw birds have been pretty regular in my finished work and sketches.

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