Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Angel in the Snow (in progress)

Was lucky to be asked to demo paint during the Cherry Creek Arts Festival this year, outside Creator Mundi Gallery. Had in mind a color scheme that I saw in a David Wiedman poster—pretty much magentas, blues, and limey greens. Here I had painted a rough in black over a magenta ground.

Wasn’t able to stick to it, mostly because the limey green made the angel’s halo look like a hat.  With a few gentle suggestions from others, I used ochre for the halo and checkerboard pattern on the clothing—good choice.

I like the pic so far. Today I will finish it—was so hot outside yesterday that, even with Slow Dry Retarder, the paint was drying as I mixed it. 

A particularly great festival this year.  I looked good and hard at other artist’s works.  Continually blown away by the ability so many have with color—novel approaches that seem effortless and are incredibly appealing. Check out, for example, the work of Emma Ginsberg www.emmaginsberg.com , Cori Dantini  www.coridantini.com , and Chris Vance www.chrisvanceart.com  Their output is incredible—obviously all that work pays off in their art.

Will post the finished painting tomorrow.

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