Saturday, August 13, 2011

A soft sculpture Goblin Face sequence

I blocked in a face on muslin using a brush and black acrylic.  This is the unfinished eye of the goblin.
Pretty much finished eye.
The whole face in an early stage. I stuck the cloth in a wood hoop and gessoed it.  Maybe too light a coating, I don't know.  But it seemed an okay surface and I had a good time painting it.  Sort of a nothing-to-lose, relaxing experience.
The (almost) finished face. I want to sand and stain it a bit before calling it done.

I was very used to using matte sign painter's acrylics. Recently switched to a different brand of semi-matte acrylics. Am getting used to them while exploring this cloth sculpture genre.  It is very engaging.  The How-To-Use-a-Sewing-Machine class turned out to be a great experience.  A very patient, expert-teacher helped. With this goblin guy, the next step is to find a good backing cloth and then put it together to make a finished pillow-thing.

I just saw a soft sculpture on Etsy that had an extraordinary face done in colored pencil--amazing stuff out there.


  1. Hi Tom-
    Great to meet you from Etsy. I amnow following your blog.. Very interesting. Your work is great!


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