Thursday, August 25, 2011

Trick or Treat revisited

Trick or Treat, acrylic on panel, 2009.  One of my first serious and (to me) successful forays into acrylic paint, which I'd previously used for cloth sculpture or clock faces only.  (By serious I only mean that this was made for exhibition.)

Somehow I had the idea that I was a watercolorist only.  While never really followed the "rules" of traditional watercolor, I nonetheless seemed stuck a bit in trying to fit some kind of pre-conceived "artist/illustrator" mold, instead of simply being a maker.
I've had quite a good time of late, just exploring and often abandoning all the do's and don'ts that were slowing my imaginative progress and, most importantly, limiting my contentment. Very glad I have learned abundant techniques for illustration/art--anatomy, form, shading, etc. I don't regret that and wouldn't trade it and still study it. But I am loving the ability to choose to suspend those rules, and this newly found freedom.

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