Wednesday, September 14, 2011

CaffeineBird and Offspring

CaffeineBird. Acrylic on hardboard, 4" x 4". Private collection. This painting was done a few years ago, and was very much fun to paint.  The board was initially covered with the Cadmium Red of the border, and then the other paints were applied on top.

CaffeineBird II. Acrylic on deep wrapped canvas, 5" x 5", private collection.  Since then, I've had a few requests for similar pics.  That's usually not something I can do readily, as my mind is often racing on to something else. But I liked this image and the process and it seemed to flow as before--a pretty nice surprise.

Reveille. Acrylic on deep wrapped canvas, 7" x 5", private collection.  This one is another child of the original Caf. Bird.  Obviously, many differences, including the use of Cerulean Blue as a shadow underpaint.  The little guys came from some sketches I had done--the blue reveille player is a variant eggman, and the rodent fellow came from a sketch of my dog.  And I don't think I'm done with this subject/technique at all.

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