Friday, September 23, 2011

LampHat Finds the Very Best Tree and prelims

Some sketches that spontaneously appeared during a meeting at the gallery.  I've convinced myself that I pay better attention when I draw, but the truth of that has never been tested--by me at least. Like a lot of artists, my school notebooks and meeting notes have always been filled with more drawing than writing.

LampHat Finds the Very Best Tree. Acrylic on upcycled oak floorboard. Approx. 5" x 6 1/2". Private collection. The old house behind mine got scraped, and during the construction of the new one, a bunch of oak floor scraps ended up in the alley. They've provided great painting surfaces.

For a change, I like the finished LampHat figure better than the sketch.  That doesn't often happen.  Yes, was thinking about Christmas early when this was painted. That doesn't often happen either. 

LampHat is patting the tree in an affectionate way, so I think he's found a friend rather than a holiday decoration.

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