Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Some Sketches and a Finished Painting

 In a strange, but pretty interesting place right now.  My style--or whatever--is all over the board, but I guess that's really not new. Still, with the coming of Autumn, lots of cool ideas arrived too, and they all seem kind of disconnected from the concepts I was working with during the summer.  These little fellows--and some others--interrupted my sleep last week and I sketched them out quickly so I could go back to bed.

Another Round.  Acrylic on upcycled oak floorboard, approx. 5" x 5".  Painted this without a preliminary drawing onto the raw board, along with five other, sort of similar pics on boards of different sizes.  I was charging ahead with the loose goal of completing six small paintings in two days. For some reason did not tone the surface first with a color.  I never seem to prepare my surface the same or use any technique with any consistency anymore.  Probably because working on cloth, watercolors, and acrylics all at the same time has scrambled my brain. What a great time!

This detail shows the layers. I will post some of the other sketches and paintings in a few days.

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