Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Amulets, talismans, and stuff to hang around your neck

 Was throwing away a box of old papers and came across this sketch, probably done 20 years ago.  All the hanging sorcerer/witch/troll things really appealed then, and still do now I suppose.

I'm pretty sure I know why.  I remember coming across this illustration by John Bauer when I was in tenth grade.  It still blows me away.  And I remember most the amulet and stuff hanging from the troll. And then Brian Froud brought amulet-wearing creatures to a further genius-level in his books and images drawn for the movie The Dark Crystal. My hunt for things like that has gone on for years.

 Amulets, talismans, and hangy-pendant-things are real sources of creative fire-ups for me.  Not being a person who wears them or indulges in any sorcery or that sort of thing, I don't know much about their meaning.  But I've always liked to draw them and occasionally I make them.  I collect them too, since I am kind of a compulsive collector.  But I only collect the ones that seem to have a life or soul that twitches that of my own. The bunch above hangs from a nail in the wall of my studio. Well, the cross in the upper left hangs around my neck most of the time.

 This one I found in a drawer in a dingy junk shop.  The Steyning Athletic Club was founded in 1951 and still exists today in Surry, England.

 The old Auberge Du Coucou medal has the address embossed on the back: 9 Rue Danielle Casanova, Paris. The amazing ceramic bird pendant I bought from SpiritedEarth on Etsy.

This is a two-sided cross. Another discovery in a very cool antique store years ago.  One side depicts St. Francis of Assisi, the other St. Anthony of Padua.  Two of my favorite saints.

As a little kid I had read about the "holey stones" and their power.  The thing that really intrigued me was the belief that if one looked through the hole in a stone (only a natural hole will work) the other-world of supernatural and non-corporeal beings will be visible. That has not worked for me yet.  
As a kid, (when my family would go fishing) I spent more time searching the stream beds for a stone with a hole in it. This is the one I finally found.  It's the only one I ever found.  Sometimes I do wear this one around my neck.

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  1. Love you collection. I wear a couple amulets myself...everything has energy and I choose to stay with the positive energy. Love and Light and Compassion and Abundance to ALL !


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