Saturday, November 12, 2011

The Holidays are Coming

Not being a person who likes thinking about the holidays in July (which is the norm for Christmas products), I was glad this card design was commissioned only last week. It's much easier to get in the spirit this time of year. The pic above is just a detail of the design. I will post the whole card--but not until December. 

It felt good to do a simple watercolor after focusing so hard on acrylics this fall.  I forget how much I like the smell of the wet paper and the way the watercolor paint slips out of the brush and onto the surface.

This design features a Victorian owl and the present you see hanging from the branch.  My inspiration was the brass owl I posted a few weeks back.


  1. I'm sure the card probably looks fabulous, but personally - just the present by itself hanging on a branch looks really nice too as a gift card!!
    Nice work :]


  2. Thanks Kat--didn't see that myself until your comment! Might have to use this detail for myself this season

  3. Hey! I'm just letting you know that I've passed on a blog award to you as a thank you for providing me and all your other readers with top notch blogging. Peace!

  4. You should definitely go for it :]]


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