Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Guillermo Stuns the Crowd

 Been working on a bunch of music-related paintings.  Like most artists I know, music is a constant in my studio, car, house. There's not much music I don't like, from ancient to modern, and am awestruck by the variations that continue to evolve.

 Guillermo Stuns the Crowd. Acrylic on canvas, 4" x 12".  Years ago attended a concert given by a very talented (both in art and music) student. What vividly sticks in my mind is the guitar solo he performed at the end. This eighteen year old kid--alone on the stage--delivered a stunning explosion of music that blew everyone away, slammed the last chord, and finished with his arm raised.

The painting is not a portrait of that kid :)  but rather a piece inspired by his concert finale, and by these sketches of creatures I was recently playing around with--variations of the soft sculpture in a previous post.

Next post--another music painting

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