Wednesday, January 25, 2012

A Progression of Birds and some Style Changes

The Boy on the Boat. Oil paint and ink on panel, maybe 1990. Private collection.

Electronic filing day.  Unearthing some of these old paintings is an odd experience.

Back in the day, I was heavily influenced by the work of Brian Froud and James Christensen. I did a lot of detailed pen and ink work, with color layers on top.  This was a favorite--the color is thin layers of transparent oil.  In love with detail and monsters and goofy birds, I regretted letting this one go, and I only have a small file to show for it.

Humpty Dumpty. Watercolor, maybe 1992. Private collection.

Influenced by the illustrations of L. Leslie Brooke and Arthur Rackham, I did a lot of watercolor over pen and ink. I miss working with watercolor, and keep vowing to myself to indulge in it again.

 Pretty straightforward washes over ink.

Bird sketch.  Micron pen, 2011. 

Pink Quail, Pleased (detail). Acrylic on wood, 201, private collection.

Whatever has happened in the past three years has resulted in much more abstracted birds (and everything else) in my art. It's been an interesting journey, if only to me.
What hasn't changed--besides my love of birds--is my love of black line.
I wonder a bit what's up with my brain, but am definitely enjoying the process.


  1. I love seeing the progression! I like them all, and what talent you have to be able to switch gears like you have!

    1. Thank you for the comments Maggie. Need to take the time to see if I can switch gears back when I want to :)

  2. Funny that you mention Froud, Christiansen and Rackham. They were also some of my first influences. I still love the work of all three and have many books of each of their works. I drifted very far away in my art but I still love them all. I adore the black line although I don't often work only in black line. I find I need color! I do love the work of Tim Burton, Crab Scrambly and Gris Grimly and sometimes aspire to work in a way that would show their influences (like the journal featuring Sweet Baby on my blog... LOL). Thanks for showing the pics of the work you found. It's amazing! I feel inspired by you to play with line and color again! xoxo

    1. Glad you found this of interest, Sunny. Thanks for the mention of new artists (to me). Looking forward to searching out the work of Scrambly and Grimly! Sounds like I'd most easily find them in a Dickens novel, tho, haha!


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