Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Sketches: Another Little Guy and Another Eggman

 The musician painting in the previous post still isn't complete, but to stay with my habit of posting twice weekly, these little guy sketches are filling in. 
Television mostly--and advertising always--makes me crabby and restless, but I do want to be with my family in the evenings, even when they are watching the tube.  If I have my sketchbook with me I don't complain so much about the artificial crap that infuses most programs and ads.

These little sketches came out of me during some spurious Food Network show.  I like the fact that, even though I'm feeling venomous toward the television, my sketches don't often reflect that for some reason; they are not at all tanned, phosphorescent-toothed, big boobed, or blandly beautiful.

And my family appreciates my silent concentration on my sketchbook instead of having to hear my rancorous commentary about all the predictable and affected phonies on the screen.

  I'll be quiet now, post this, and go finish my painting.

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