Saturday, February 11, 2012

The Angel and the Bluebird

 Was talking with a friend about the colors of the 1960s, and the pink and turquoise of my mom's kitchen came to mind.  The resurgence of interest in retro color schemes has given birth to interesting variations; one of which is below:

 This one, a tiny detail from a recent poster, uses tomato-ish red instead of pink, plus turquoise and the chartreuse that became popular around 1969-1970. My friend hates this combination because of the red, but I was challenged to try the pink and turquoise my mom loved--with the chartreuse as an accent--in a painting.

 Had been working over a new angel painting in my head, and in the sketchbook.  This is one of several little sketches (approx. 1/2 inch by 3 inches) done in ballpoint pen. Not sure from where the final face came, but I knew a generic-looking angel was not going to be satisfactory.
I wasn't really true to the color scheme in my head or even my initial idea, but this work (like many) took on a life of its own during the process. The complete painting follows:

The Angel and the Bluebird. Acrylic on canvas, 4" x 12". Private collection.
A bit surprised by the Arts and Crafts/woodcut  look of the artwork--maybe my recent experiments with linocutting have leaked into my subconscious.
The initial under-paint was a bright magenta, which can be seen in flecks. There's also quite a bit of chartreuse layered over that, but the evening-pink sky dictated a cooling of the yellow greens and a warm-up of the highlights.

Thanks for looking this over--your comments and your visits are always appreciated!


  1. this and your Francis one came out fabulous...!
    beautiful color, fine work!
    : )


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