Saturday, February 4, 2012


 Gauges and clocks push creative buttons in me. I hunt for them and would fill my house, but sometimes I collect with my camera instead.

Old, key-wound clocks have a spirit in them, and run--or decide not to--according to that spirit.  The fellow who fixed the larger one in the center believes that all old clocks are haunted, and has lots of ghost stories concerning the clocks he's run across in his career. 

This particular clock's veneer is splitting, the face is stained and rubbed away, and most of the finish is gone, but I love it for all that. It wouldn't run regularly, even after being cleaned and serviced. The repairman told me to take any other wooden, key-wound clocks out of the room and it would probably work fine "because sometimes old clocks don't like competition". He was right--this one's been running fine since I took his advice.

 I am fairly sure that my clock-and-face mania began with seeing Captain Kangaroo's clock. As a little kid, I didn't care much for the Captain, but wanted the clock very badly.

I hunt for old faces too. 
A broken chunk of old chair-back found in an antique mall.

 A cast iron match-holder-face.

 An old plaster moon-face given to me by a friend.
 If it's old, has a face, and is vaguely clock-like, I will collect it.

When I find a useless, unrepairable clock case, it's fun to give it new life and a goofy face. Wish I could put old mechanical works inside, but the quartz movements are at least predictable. And someone gets to live with a miniature version of Captain Kangaroo's clock.

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  1. Ha! I even find faces in woodgrain, wallpaper prints, stucco on the walls...but I have a special fondness for clocks! My daddy used to repair antique clocks as his hobby, and each one has a face of its own and has its own sound. Truly, they are as unique as people! Love the Captin's clock! They never showed it often enough!!!


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