Saturday, February 18, 2012

Sketches and Sir Barrie--A Stuffed Guy

 Had no business doing it, but I goofed off quite a bit last week, sketching and slopping up my sketchbook with watercolor. This medieval fellow marks an attempt at a return to the type of art I used to do all the time. But you really can't go home again, as they say.

 Back in the day, when I was heavily influenced by the old masters of illustration--Edmund Dulac and Heath Robinson to name a few; and contemporary masters-- Alan Lee and Brian Froud  for certain, 
my sketchbook was filled with careful sketches of little fellows like the one above--mostly dressed in medieval clothing. A great link to images by the first three aforementioned artists is Just click on "Illustrators" at the top of that page. Brian Froud's work can be seen at

 Nowadays, my sketching is much less careful, and much simplified. This pencil sketch came from the messy one at the top of this post, and was a prelim for the stuffed goblin-fellow below.

 Sir Barrie.  Mixed media on cloth (in this case, acrylic, muslin, cotton print cloth, and embroidery thread), approx. 3" x 12".

All this playing around is really just my way of relaxing before hitting the studio for some new painting commissions and an upcoming show. More about all that later, as I am very excited to share the details.

Until then, as always, thanks for the interest!

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