Tuesday, March 13, 2012

After all the Bits; The Complete Painting

 Saint Francis and the Cranky Birds. Acrylic on door panel, approx. 11" x 44". Private collection.
Have used portions of this painting in previous posts. There's a close-up of his face at http://tomsarmo.blogspot.com/2012/02/progression-of-faces.html
Since I'm still working on a couple of large paintings, I have nothing newly complete to post. Hence, a short entry.

Everyone always told me that acrylics are easier than watercolors, but I didn't listen.  Despised acrylics back in high school--they were gooey and stretchy, way too transparent, and they stunk.  But Ruth Fiege got me working with matte acrylics a few years back.  It was a good surprise.  They must have improved since the dawn of plastics. These acrylics don't stretch like snot, they are nicely opaque, and the smell is very mild. 
And obviously, from this sketch, a painter can change things up quite a bit from the initial idea. Now St. Francis doesn't look like he's wearing a bowler hat.

The things I learn if I listen.  Thanks, Ruth! 
Btw, check out and follow her eclectic and informative blog--you won't be sorry.


  1. You are very welcome!! It's so nice to see your work evolving and changing. the color is fantastic on this piece! Is this your biggest piece ever??? oh, and thanks for the shout out on my blog!!

    1. Thanks Ruth. Yep, biggest piece thus far--completed anyway. And you are welcome, too :)

  2. I'm considering a return to acrylics, too. Problem for me is purely down to potability -- it's much easier to cart around a box of watercolour pans so I can set up anywhere than a bag full of acrylics.

    But if your work is anything to go by, giving a switch a try might work in my favour... Love the vibrancy of colour you have going on in this.

    1. Thanks Gareth, I appreciate the positive response (and the blog follow)! I hear what you are saying, and so far have not used anything but watercolors in the field. (At least when they dry you can still re-wet 'em.) And will always be in love with the look of a watercolor


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