Saturday, March 24, 2012

Eyes and Q

 Been doing lots of big paintings with eyes, and lots of little studies of eyes. Thought a break from that kind of work would be a good idea, but ended up doing eyes on an envelope I'm sending off.

 Then started messing around with acrylics and letter stamps on a scrap of watercolor paper. More eyes. This close-up makes me hungry--icing on a goofy cake or something.

Q. Mixed media, approx. 4" x 6".  
Just wanted to play around without a specific focus. I need to do that more often, and I had a lot of fun with these experiments.
It's not easy to see on this photo, but there are lots of layers of ink and acrylic washes under thicker paint, and quite a bit of whitewashing over all that too. It's sort of a mix between my older illustrative style and the newer acrylic style that's emerging.

I get a kick out of the singular ways that paint appears on different surfaces--it's always a surprise.
This eye's a bit more naturalistic, done on a smooth, gessoed board. Not nearly as hunger-inducing.

Well, there you go--nothing deep or philosophical about this post, but hope it was enjoyable. 
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