Sunday, March 4, 2012

Random Sketches and Thoughts

A sketch from a memory of my teaching days. Believe it or not, when I think of a typical student pose, this comes to mind. I'd look out over the classroom after giving a demo, and most of the kids were concentrating like this--they were funny and great characters!
The other night someone asked me if I missed teaching. Not a simple answer to be had but:
I downright miss the students, and their constant activity, and their goofy conversations. I miss teaching them new drawing techniques and learning even more from them--they were amazing instructors who taught me a lot and pushed me to consider art ideas of which I'd never thought.  (I miss their music recommendations, too.)
It was the Best Career, inextricable from my artwork, and I'm lucky to have had that opportunity.

 When I think in my sketchbook with a pencil, these are often the kinds of drawings that happen. Thinking with pen or marker produces a very different result. Not sure I could count the times I did this sort of seated figure as a foreshortening demo for students.

I love music and musicians and making up strange costumes. This little guy is on his way to becoming a painting. At this stage I'm having uninterrupted time to sketch and paint, and that was definitely not part of my life as a teacher.


  1. Watching students work is amazing, especially when they are totally immerced into whatever they are doing. The poses can be amazing. Also when they do things they are not supposed to do their whole posture reveals it hehehe. I teach teenagers and follow them from age 12-16 and watching that transformation period is very special. No better job than being a teacher and if life also includs art WOW :-)

  2. That last sketch hits home for me ... I was a Music Performance Major for the Clarinet at the University of MN ... after 2 years it was suggested I minor in teaching so I could make a living before playing in an orchestra/band. I couldn't bear the thought of teaching as I was self taught and I couldn't tell other how I do something that just came naturally to me. So I switched to being an ASL Interpreter ... The point is, I have been playing the clarinet for 20 years and I like your sketch (whew)! :)

  3. Great bunch of sketches! I like the pudgy guy with the bird :)


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