Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Another Little Guy Sketch

 Creepy Little Lady. Micron pen.

The little guys (in this case a female little guy) will never leave me. They lurk around, mostly in dreams, often emerging spontaneously in my sketchbook. I sketched this figure from a face/expression that was one of the standouts of a creepy nightmare. The body and costume just emerged as I drew the face.

 A Goon sketch by Tom Oreb or Ward Kimball.

There's no question that the Goons from Disney's Sleeping Beauty are an elemental influence.
The designer of the Goons isn't credited, but most researchers feel that they were conceived by Tom Oreb. Some believe that the originator was Ward Kimball.

Still from Walt Disney's Sleeping Beauty.

In the film, the Goons were the cowardly and inept henchmen of Malificent, but for me, they were much more fascinating and terrifying than the evil fairy. I first saw the film at the age of three, and while I don't remember the viewing, I absolutely remember the aftermath--imagining them hiding all over the house, and being frightened--but exhilarated--by the thought.

Most illustrative artists I know have been profoundly influenced by the artwork from Disney classic films and cartoons and I'm no exception. Be sure to check out other works by Disney artists like Albert Hurter, Gustaf Tenngren, Tom Oreb, Mary Blair--the list is long and the research is rewarding. Those artists were amazing.

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  1. Your sketches always put a smile on my face :D Especially the little evil guys ;) & I knew right away, even before scrolling down "yes! sleeping beauty!" LOVE him!

    1. I'm glad to hear that, Joanna--yeah the evil and/or melancholy ones are my favorites. At least, they are the most fun to draw!


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