Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Bookends and their Tenniel Inspiration

Since I'm between paintings, this post revisits sculpture done when I had access to a gas-fired kiln.
These bookends are about 9" tall and heavy.  I built one out of clay, carved more detail when it was leather hard, and then cast it in plaster.  The mold is ridiculously huge and unwieldy!  Clay pressed into the mold resulted in two busts, and slab backs and bases were applied. So the finished fellows are substantial-but-hollow stoneware--perfect for a shelf of large books.

 Father William's Son (detail). Illustration by Sir John Tenniel.  This insouciant guy continues to be an inspiration for my drawings and sculptures. Actually, most of Tenniel's drawings have been for certain. In the case of the bookends, he and Pinocchio morphed a bit.

Medieval Bust. Stoneware with Cushing Green glaze. Private collection. 
Cast from the same mold, but carved differently, this toothy man is sort of scary. The lady who bought him was very excited by her find though.

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