Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Thinking in the Sketchbook

I've been taking it pretty easy lately, art-wise anyway.  Not much production but a lot of thinking.

Every couple of weeks, some fellows and I get together to work on projects, drink some beer, and talk.  This week's meeting provided the only time I gave to sketching. Sketchbooks are great for unconscious-flow creating, and I was glad I had mine with me. Not having a sharp enough pencil took me out of my comfort zone a bit, and not concentrating too hard on what I was drawing was a nice release.

 Was initially trying to come up with a design for a new carnival punk, but thinking these little guys will end up in a watercolor that's cooking in my brain right now instead.

I pretty much like these sketches, especially the pigs. They came out of nowhere.
Pigs in art/literature are intriguing--it's amazing to me that such grotesque, stinky, scary, slop-nosed, eat-anything-animals have ended up being portrayed as cute, Porky Pig types

And the sketchbook is gonna be open a lot more in the coming days.

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  1. Your "sketches" are what I would consider a master piece ... I used to draw all the time, quite well. Then I didn't for 14+ years and now I only feel comfortable with acrylic paints, my fingers and a paint brush.
    I need to push myself more, I love looking at your art. I really enjoy how quirky and unique your characters are.
    You are right about pigs. They are actually dangerous animals, which people don't realize because of how cute they are in cartoons ... :)

    1. Thanks, Julie--that is a kind compliment and most appreciated! I do find that I draw more when I'm deep into watercolors, and less when I'm painting with acrylics. As far as pigs--as a kid I saw a giant hog devour a turnip as big as my head in about 2 seconds. I have had great respect for them ever since


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