Friday, May 18, 2012

Saint Matthias, Part 2

 Detail of the initial drawing on the huge cradled hardboard. For this, I used a fairly large (for me, anyway) round brush and thinned black acrylic paint.

 Have to admit, when the cradled hardboard arrived, the size of it sorta scared me. Here it is, having just squeezed through the front door.

 After hauling it up the stairs, the first order of business was to cover up that huge, intimidating expanse of white with a loose coating of Cadmium Red. There's a life-sized head study of St. Matthias I painted as a prelim, just peeking over the plant in the upper left corner of this pic.

 The next step was to get the figure drawn out. Not too detailed, though, as I wanted some wiggle room when the actual painting began.

Using a big flat brush, Cerulean Blue was applied in the shadow areas.

My lighting contraption consisted of two lamps and a lot of tape. 
Normally the studio stays vaguely organized, but not during this process.  I had to let go of my usual discomfort with dishevelment, and actually dispensed with my usual doubts and fears during a project; at least throughout most of this painting sequence. The big nerves would come later  :)

Next post: Saint Matthias, Part 3: Thicker paint!

Thanks for the visit!


  1. it's so amazing seeing the step-by- step process!! so glad that you documented your journey!

    1. But I failed to take any pics of it in the church though. Typical. I'm hoping they will send me a few :-)

  2. What an endeavor! Looks like it is progressing beautifully and will be a big success. Looking forward to seeing more!

    1. I'm working on the last post in the series now. It's been a very fun experience and I appreciate your interest!


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