Sunday, May 13, 2012

Studio Pics

 My studio is a small space, which is my preference.  It's easy to keep ordered, and has made me think about storage and functionality alongside my need to have lots of aesthetic objects, books, and artworks around me. Pretty much everything in it slides or wheels across the floor easily, so I can rearrange the space when needed--which is often.

 While it's easy to keep in order, my penchant for collecting gives me a workout when it's time to clean. But I don't mind--every time I dust or wash off an object, it's a time to reconnect with it.  Touching the object and freeing it from grime reminds me why I chose it to be part of my creative space, and that keeps me from taking my surroundings for granted. For a closer look at the Cabinet of Curiosities, see:;postID=844841635882597329

The desktop on which I've been painting lately is an old school desk given to me by my uncle. It's a good, solid oak surface. My slant-top drafting table had to be folded up and stowed in the closet to make room for an easel--necessary right now--loaned to me by a friend.

Here's a detail of the little pic-in-progress on the desktop.
He's part of a new group of mixed media pieces which are small, square, and have a preliminary coating of watercolor.  They'll be enhanced by acrylic and collage in the near future.

Thanks for visiting the studio.
Peace and good wishes!


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