Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Watercolor: You Can Go Home Again

 A detail from a watercolor I painted a few years ago.  Can't remember the name of it, but a very kind couple bought it at the first Sk3tchbook! show.

Watercolor will always be my first love.  The way the paint flows and mottles on the paper; the weird but pleasant odor of the pigments; and the simplicity of clean-up and portability for sketching away from home. It's just a fit! Unfortunately, there's not a simple solution to the requisite matting and framing of a watercolor.  Hence, I've been traitorously working in acrylics, all the while longing to get my brush sloshing around on that awesomely pungent watercolor paper.

 The Little Garden Plot. Watercolor, 4" x 4".  This is the first watercolor I've done in a long time--but the itch to return to that medium had been building all the while I worked on an acrylic commission.  One little sketch (from a crop of them) in my sketchbook was the source for this one, but the inspiration?

Good old Etsy!  Rambling through the site, I came across a store that has a bunch of wonderful, fresh little watercolor birds (among other paintings).
This is a detail of one called Common Swift by Rose--an amazing artist! I bought one of her hummingbirds, not only because it's gonna look great in my home, but because I'll study and learn from the technique (as I try to do from all great watercolor paintings). 

If you are a lover of watercolor, or a lover of all wonderful art, it'll be worth your while to check out the works in their shop:

Thanks for your visit!

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