Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Furry Creature Sketches

 Hot weather is not my favorite. Hot, storm-less weather challenges my creativity and productivity. (Hence, this rather pointless blog-post.)
  Sitting around with a group of artists/craftsmen--talking and drinking beer--helps, though. So while I didn't make anything of substance the other evening, these un-thought-out (no resource) sketches appeared in my sketchbook as the conversation progressed.

Mostly I draw birds and little guys. Cute mammals are seldom my thing, but Rams have been on my mind lately, because I'm wanting a ram sculpture from the 60's. 
Hares, unlike rabbits, are rangy, slightly goofy, and always seem to have something up their sleeve--probably ought to explore them a bit more.

Take things easy--and thanks for reading!

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