Saturday, June 2, 2012

Saint Matthias: At Home in Somerset, NJ

The two paintings were finished and shipped to the Catholic Community of Saint Matthias in Somerset, New Jersey. The generous people of the parish kindly shipped Linda and me out as well!  We were very happy to be able to join them for the Feast of St. Matthias Mass and the unveiling of the large painting which followed.

(My interview in St. Matthias in Action:
 It was an honor to be asked to speak following the blessing of the painting; and because of the warm welcome by everyone, I was not nervous to be up front at all--very unusual for me.

The people of St. Matthias have a firm commitment to stewardship; their giving spirit extends not only locally but beyond, including hands-on, hard work for the U.S. and global community. Linda and I were recipients of the kindness, heart, and geniality that have created a remarkable parish and school!
(Photos courtesy of Deacon Ron Caimi)

Saint Matthias. Acrylic on wood, 30" x 84". Collection of the Catholic Community of Saint Matthias. (Image copyright The Catholic Community of Saint Matthias, all rights reserved.) Photo by Neal Wallace.

Thanks very much for following the story.  
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  1. Wow, I believe this was a great day. The picture look so good on the wall. Big smile!

    1. It was a very fun day--thank you for the compliment, Line!


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