Saturday, June 9, 2012


 Been working on a large canvas of a ramshackle house for some time. I'm in stumbling mode, totally distracted and disorganized. I go from one project to another, not finishing even a thought, much less a painting. Happens all the time, most often right after I've finished a big project.  
Should be used to it, but I hate it, because it adversely affects everything I do--hence, stumble-driving, stumble-cooking, stumble-reading, etc.

 But I'm determined to finish the picture, because old houses fascinate me, and because I dislike painting over a canvas. The idea for this specific painting came from a clutch of amazing porcelain houses by Zach Medler. (Check out his other works  )
These two (above) were bought with birthday money, and I love them. The one on the right especially fired my imagination.

My collection of photos of old houses helped with the details, as did my sketchbook. The sketch above is in ballpoint pen, and it's the main one that formed the basis for the painting.

When I finally catch my balance I'll post the finished work.

In the meantime, thanks for the visit!

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