Monday, July 9, 2012

Creator Mundi Gallery/Cherry Creek Arts Festival

Saint Francis of Assisi (detail). Mixed media on wood, private collection.

Again this year I was lucky to be asked to do some demo painting at the Creator Mundi Gallery during the Cherry Creek Arts Festival.
I'm sort of horning in on the CCAF chosen artists who spend huge amounts of money, time, and effort to be there, but the hard-working small businesses in Cherry Creek suffer a bit during the Festival, so I'm happy to be out painting--hopefully attracting some art-loving visitors into the gallery.

This year's festival was full of awesome works by returning and new Festival artists, and I spent more than a whole day getting recharged by seeing the greats!

My top favorites this year:

Ed Brownlee--cool ceramics

Ruth Fiege--fresh monoprints

Andrew Fletcher--haunting landscapes

Johanna Mueller--fantastic engravings

Ryan Myers--varied and amazing clay work

Olive--humorous stuffed creatures

Nick Wroblewski--stunning woodcuts

Thank you to everyone who stopped by and visited with me as I sat painting. The compliments and interest in what I make were a huge boost, and I appreciate your support! I hope to see you there next year.

Peace and good wishes!

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