Sunday, July 29, 2012

Solitary but Compelling

Lonely houses--one of the things my eye is continually hunting. Sorting through my old photo files and paintings brought that one home for me. (Ugh, puns. Sorry.)

Have had the itch to do some acrylic landscapes, so I headed out the other day and snapped some shots--this one of a house down the street. Lone buildings nestled in trees have appeared in lots of my art and photos over the years--a variation on a theme, over and over.

 Nebraska Farm Evening. Watercolor, private collection.
One from a lot of years back, painted after a rainstorm during a trip through Nebraska. These days I hear it only rains in England.

 Old House on a Cliff. Watercolor, private collection. Home from that trip, I used the tree from the previous painting in this fantasy painting--one of my favorites from long ago.

 Grand Mesa. Watercolor, private collection. The paint-style is different from the previous landscapes only because I was painting quickly on site on a watercolor block--very rough paper.

 Not just the paintings, but the photos I take are nearly always similar. (Hard to believe during this year of drought, but not that long ago the rivers (and clouds) were full of water.)

 Snow on the High Mesa. Watercolor, private collection.
It's no secret that landscape paintings are popular, but I seem to paint them only at intervals, only when the need for that lonely-but-cozy fix hits me.

 Can't remember the name of this one. It was really tiny, though. Watercolor and ink, private collection.

 The yearning has hit me again lately, as this recent watercolor sketch testifies. This is one of the few with multiple houses.

 A serious sketching session happened the other morning--based on the top photo of this post. Here's a few of them.

 The House on Jack's Field. Acrylic on canvas, 20" x 16". 
The latest--one more lonely little house nestled in the trees.

Thanks for the visit--hope it was enjoyable!


  1. I can see why Old House on a Cliff is a favourite. I love it! It feels like there are many stories there.

  2. :-( my favorite isn't here.... didn't that one have a house? Or was it just landscape?

    1. Oh Michelle, I thought the new one would be your favorite :)

  3. interesting to see how your themes just keep coming up again and again - and I love the 'non-aesthetic aesthetic' that you identified. yes to that. thanks for a great post, it has me inspired to keep working...

    1. That is nice to hear, Tanja--I am glad it was inspiring, and you are most welcome. I guess recurring themes must be the greater part of individual style, and in my case are part of the struggle of showing the work--sometimes they are much too revealing and/or misconstrued :)


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