Tuesday, August 7, 2012

A Landscape Progression

 Before the Storm--The House with the Green Roof (detail). Acrylic on canvas.

 The other side of the painting.

 Kansas. Not a place I'd think of immediately for art inspiration. But on a trip long ago, I took some photos of the landscape, and they've proven to be good resources over the years.
I like the desolation and the old buildings and the non-aesthetic aesthetic. I'd take that over some vapid resort area any day.

 This is a pretty large canvas, for me--in progress--based (loosely) on the photo above.

The completed work. 
It's 30" x 12". An experiment in size and composition, I liked the idea of balancing the large sweep of the road with a slightly distant house. I'm not gonna lie--I went slightly crazy during the work on this one, but I had fun too.


  1. This came out great!
    Love the colors!
    (as usual : )

  2. This is such a great work! This must be my favourite picture of you. I love the road, colors and the composition:)


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