Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Sketches and Troll-Ghost-Goblins

 Sometimes just letting a ballpoint pen search for an idea is best way to find an image.  The descriptions of automatic writing seem related to this sort of thing. Not that I feel some "other-being" moving my arm, but the unconscious exploration--the un-thinking-ness of this activity--seems very mechanical and is unpremeditated. I just go from one little guy to the next without pausing.

 The Troll and the Whitewash Brush (detail). Mixed media on wood.
This bloke was drawn out while talking to some friends, and taking a glimpse at the sketches once in awhile. Later on in the studio I added the bits of color and his angry aura.

Wide Awake and Fast Asleep (detail). Mixed media on wood.
I like drawing on wood (both artworks are on 3" x 5" pine slabs) and I'm extremely fond of this little guy. He's (They're?) a bit of a ghost mixed with a bit of a goblin and Wide Awake and Fast Asleep is his name.
 I must be wishing for Halloween as much as I'm wishing for Fall.

Come on cool weather!

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