Friday, October 12, 2012

A Peaceful Cross

 Peace in the Night Time. Mixed media on wood, approx 9" x 15". Private collection.

Nearly every year I get to create a theme-based artwork representing my friend Fr. John, a Capuchin Friar. It is among the artworks auctioned at a fundraiser for the Capuchin Province of Mid-America. 
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The loose theme this year was a "mission cross". I really love doing this sort of work as it is always fun to see how different artists approach the same theme, and it's a learning opportunity for me to think up a unique concept.

My challenge this time was to "invent" a technique I'd never tried before. I found a pre-made, birch ply cross and applied a variety of media--including ink, graphite, and acrylic paint. I wanted a quiet yet cheerful artwork that had a true hand-made quality about it.

The foremost mission of the Capuchin Franciscans is carrying on the work of Saint Francis of Assisi; to serve the poor and downtrodden. In doing this, they provide a great service, example, and challenge for all of us. They are the most peaceful, joy-filled people I know.

Crux Gemmata, illuminated manuscript (8th century).
The primary inspiration for my version.

Thanks for reading!


  1. I love it! Lovely ...
    A good deed ... a good heart!

  2. This is really great work Tom! The colors and the illustrations.I like it so much. I think it is so peaceful to look at. And great fun to see that you have your work at different galleries. Fingers crossed for some sale.

    1. Thank you, Line. It was good for me to try a new technique. I appreciate the good wishes, and the inspiration I get from your blog!

  3. Tom, I might need to hang this cross in my office until it goes on the auction block at the Brown Robe Benefit next Friday! Thanks for sharing your God-given talent with His humbler servants.

    1. Please do, Stephanie--I hope it helps make the next 10 hectic days a bit more tranquil :)

      Thanks for supporting the work that I do!

  4. Este poderoso secreto trae incrustadas siete piedras preciosas con los colores de Los Chakras que se convierten en centros de energía. Al portar la Crux gemmata
    nos brinda salud en el alma y el cuerpo, protegiéndonos de cualquier clase de daño que quieran hacernos por envidia o maldad.


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