Wednesday, October 31, 2012

A Change in the Weather

Saint Francis and the Freshening Breeze. Acrylic on deep canvas, 6" x 12" x 1". Private collection.
Saint Francis of Assisi continues to nudge me. One night last week, the sound of rising wind awakened me from a deep sleep. It escalated into a pounding force against the house, and blew all night long. In the morning, I began this work, translating that mighty wind into a peaceful and pleasant breeze. Nonetheless, it heralds a weather change.

I like the rough and scruffy look of the paint, and am especially happy with the scroungy-baroque-acanthus border. Acanthus leaves remain a favorite motif.

 Preliminary sketch for Saint Francis and the Freshening Breeze. Pencil on paper, approx. 3" x 8".

In the previous post, I talked about enjoying the discovery and the play inherent in the process of putting paint on the surface. Every artist is different, but I'm not big on planning things out too much. I do sketch often, and sometimes roughly draw out an idea before committing it to canvas.

Thanks for reading!


  1. Hi Tom,
    How I love! I love it! the face, the hair, the wind, the detail of the frame stubble classic, sweet gesture with the birds, heavy clouds ...
    is delicious!
    That night inspired you San Francisco!

    1. Thanks Karumina--I am very glad to know you like this!


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