Friday, October 26, 2012

The Chase, Play and Discovery

This detail (a yet-to-be-titled Saint Francis piece) is a work-in-progress on canvas. It is maybe 50% complete. I've a few ideas about what's next, but I'm open to both experiments and curve-balls. Those are just the things to keep me at it. 
Will I love it when it's done? Hope so--but I don't need to know that now.

The appeal of an artwork to any individual is of course, an individual thing. Why can one person be infatuated with a work that makes another turn away in disgust, and makes still another fellow yawn with boredom?

I love the blog, Muddy Colors, because 13 different artists contribute, and their posts are almost always fascinating to me. A recent post by Donato Giancola ( ) is particularly thought-provoking. It speaks to the process of painting, and is helping me to understand why certain works trip my trigger, while some are dreadfully uninteresting to me.

The canvas above is on the painting table right now.  I'm poking and scrubbing away at it, and having a great time.  It is at the stage where anything might happen, and the enjoyment is coming from the fact that there are still unexpected discoveries waiting to bushwhack me.

Lonely Little Ghost Owl (detail). Acrylic on wood.

Lonely Little Ghost Owl is a finished work, one that evolved in much the same manner as the Saint Francis above. It threw me badly--because of the wood surface, but I messed about with it, was blind-sided by it, and eventually finished it. I like it very much, probably because it was never a planned-out artwork, it isn't perfect, and the process of painting it was a gratifying play/work combination.

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  1. Eureka!!! thanks for the link of Muddycolors!!! i like to improve...


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