Thursday, November 29, 2012

My First Ever Etsy Store Over!

Moon Visits Bird. Acrylic on wrapped canvas, private collection.

This goofy little painting reflects my long fascination with the Man in the Moon. He's appeared numerous times in my illustrations and paintings--even in my one-and-only published short story.
I was experimenting with color combinations in this one (who says blue and purple don't match?).

Got a sale going on at my Etsy store. 30% off everything in the store until December 10th.
As an added bonus (in appreciation for all of you who follow my blog) send me a message on Etsy--before you purchase--that you read this and you'll get free shipping, too. (I'll instantly reserve it for you and delete the shipping cost.)

Happy Holidays!


  1. Hi Tom,

    How long! I visited your etsy shop and I love "Andrew's in the lab" is quite different from what I see on your blog, I love a little mad scientist! he looks very concentrated ...

    I love experimenting with new styles, compositions, techniques ... it's great to find within myself ... new stuff!

    PD/I love your green green eyes!

    1. Thanks for visiting, Karumina. You are right, new media and techniques bring out the new. Cheers!


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