Monday, January 14, 2013

Focus and an Attention-Fix, Part 1

 The Good King Escapes. Acrylic on board, 9" x 12". Private collection.
A work using black and a (purely accidental) limited palette, ca. 2010.

I've been all in my head for the past month, thinking and painting in my brain instead of on actual surfaces.  That's always been part of my process--that, and being fascinated by works of other artists (some will be in the next post).  But I'm analyzing my own works as well, because the new ideas incubating inside are demanding more focus from me.

Looking back over my past artworks highlighted the following: 

1. Process and experimentation trump everything else.
2. Output is eclectic.
3. Black with color has been a continuing infatuation.
4. I've gone from working mostly in watercolor to working mostly with acrylic. 
5. There's always more to learn about paint quality, color, and value.

Re-reading my private journal entries is also helping with focus. Those entries are mostly emotional reactions to what I've seen, read, or heard, but the thoughts most important to my art rise up out of the pages quite clearly.

Skeptical Cat (detail). Acrylic on Oak Wood. Private collection.
Color harmony practice (?), ca. 2011

A focus on paint quality, color (with black!), and value; these are the unfair demands which are pushing at my lazy, un-centered self.
Is focus important? Ugh--it hasn't been before--goals and planning have never been high on my list. But there is a weird ripening going on inside right now. It is insisting I take heed. 
So okay, I will.

Next post: Focusing (obsessing) on works of three amazing artists, and a bit about color.

I appreciate you stopping by!

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